01-Papadum with a combination of 3 sauces

(normal or spicy)

09-Onion Bhaji

Fresh onion mixed with spices, fried, served with salad.

10-Chicken samosa

fried spiced chicken dumplings served with salad.

11-Pakora vegetable

combination of vegetables with spices, fried.

12-Pakora chicken

chicken with spices, fried.

13-Mixed Pakora

Chicken and vegetables with spices, fried.

14-Chicken Tikka (starter)

pieces of boneless chicken marinated with spices.

14-Chicken Tikka (starter)

pieces of boneless chicken marinated with spices.

16-Lamb Tikka

Pieces of lamb marinated with spices.

17-Tandoori Chicken

Marinated chicken with spices.

 18-Sheek Kebab

minced lamb, mixed with herbs and spices, cooked on skewers.

19-Puri prawns

Fried prawns with onion and tomato, served on top of a “Puri”.

20-King Prawns

King prawns with tomato and chilli sauce.

21-Chicken Chaat

chicken with onion, tomato, marinated with lemon and spices.

22-Garlic mushrooms with chili

23-Garlic prawns with chili

31-Bombay Blue

Mixed salad with chicken tikka, served with yogurt.

32-Mixed salad


102-buttered naan

103-Naan with garlic

104-Naan with garlic and coriander

105-Naan with chili and cheese

106-Naan with cheese

107-Peshwari Naan

108-Keema Naan


110-Tandoori Roti


112-Chilli naan

113-Naan with garlic and cheese

33-Lentil soup